Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Very special arts....and people

Empowering the less privileged and disabled.......saving the environment by recycling plastic......critical issues worldwide, and which many are striving to do. So it's doubly praiseworthy when the two are combined together---this is what Very Special Arts is doing, quietly, efficiently, and with commitment.

Many of us who have grown up listening to cassette tapes and watching movies on video cassettes are now in a situation  where they can no longer be used, with tape recorders becoming obsolete! Yet, it's difficult to relegate them to a bin/garbage, so I was looking around for a place where they could be used. Thanks to a friend who referred me to someone who manages a NGO ---where the poor and disabled are taught to weave (with plastic/tapes) items like bags, napkin holders etc and also to make candles, among other things.

Children from The missionaries of Charity homes attend classes held daily from 9 am to 1.30 pm.

Another impressive measure is the free computer classes for children. Expensive courses like Designing are taught for a nominal amount.

Saturdays are for extra curriculars and recreational activities, which translates to public performances and participation in events.

You can find the details on the site:


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  1. That is certainly a very worthwhile project - great for the children and a boon to the enviroment.
    Glad to read you again.